3 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Lip Blush Done Before Getting Lip Fillers

Lip blush and lip fillers are a beautiful combination to achieve healthy-looking plumped lips, but you may be wondering which one you should get done first…

There is no consensus in the medical world on this subject. However, when this kind of dilemma happens in aesthetics, the best decision is always to follow the safest and most comfortable path for the patient. In this case, we believe that lip blush should be done before getting lip fillers. and here are the reasons:

1) Lip blush lasts longer than lip fillers

Lip fillers change the volume and shape of lips and depending on the product and each individual, they usually last between 6-12 months. When the filler is naturally dissolved, the shape of the lip goes back to its original state. This can make the overlaying lip borders and shape look distorted.

2) Complications can happen if the injected filler is disturbed by external factors

Lip blush procedures often cause swelling which is a normal side effect caused by irritation and inflammation before the colour settles in. The same goes for any type of dermal filler treatment. Lips are especially prone to swelling and bruising because of the thinner skin and the abundant blood supply to the area. If excessive swelling happens after lip blush, or the lip skin barrier is disrupted, there is a risk for the filler to be swollen, compressed, inflamed, or infected.

3) Generally accepted intervals in aesthetic medicine

Not all cosmetics procedures have been thoroughly studied in terms of combination with other treatments or the safest intervals between them. Therefore, the aesthetic medicine community usually sets a 2-week interval between procedures that cause skin barrier disruption or inflammation. in the case of lip blush and lip fillers, the opinions vary. However, fillers take some time to properly spread and settle in the tissues and albeit uncommon, cases of late-onset inflammatory response have been observed. So the safest way is to wait about 1-3 months to get your lip blush done over lip fillers. A consultation with your aesthetic practitioner will determine the best interval and individual plan for you. If you have already done your lip blush, you can go for fillers 2 weeks later, making sure there is no sign of inflammation left.

Final word

Don’t worry if this is not the order you went by for your combination treatment. Not everyone will have complications if the treatment order is reversed and not every clinic will observe these guidelines. However, we believe that since these are elective treatments, clinicians and cosmetic artists should put patient safety before everything else. After all, aesthetics is a journey for every patient, and high quality results are always superior to faster results.

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