What’s in the Shop? – Product Reviews

A trip to the salon for a facial treatment is a great way to cheer yourself up or wind yourself down, but with hectic work schedules and family and friends to keep up with, it simply isn’t always possible. A visit to our shop, either online or in real life, is more accessible and will…

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The Importance of Relaxation

Stress is everywhere in our modern world and keeping it from overwhelming us can feel like a daily struggle. The benefits of relaxation, both physical and mental can make the struggle worth the effort. The following are a few of benefits of relaxation and some tips to help you stay stress-free. Physical Benefits Slowing your…

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Skincare in the Summer

Summer is fast approaching and while we all love to soak up the sun, keeping your skin safe and protected from harmful UV rays is important for your health and for how your skin appears. Burnt skin will appear dry, flaky, blemished and unhealthy, so staying sun-safe will keep you looking as good as you…

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Make Up Removal – Best Practice Guide

For many women, make up is for every day, with added embellishments for special occasions. The process of applying make up allows you to see before your eyes the transformation that you are creating, and it is often viewed as being a therapeutic activity. Removing it all at the end of the day can seem…

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Our Space – Browns & Co

Seeing our dream become a reality has been a joyous affair. Our beauty concept was derived from a want to create a sensory environment that was tranquil in its atmosphere, with walls that oozed ambience. A place held highly in our hearts and at the forefront of our minds when we imagined such a space,…

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Procedures Explained – What is Mesotherapy?

Growing in popularity over the last several years, the techniques behind mesotherapy were devised way back in 1952 by French doctor, Michel Pistor. The practice is non-invasive, non-surgical and it can be used in the treatment of chronic pain, skin conditions and hair loss. It was soon picked up by other practitioners who began using…

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What Are My Options for My Eyebrows?

When it comes to eyebrow treatments, you might find yourself overwhelmed with options. Here at Browns & Co we have no less than 15 different treatments to keep your brows looking their best. Some work great in conjunction with others, some are semi-permanent and some are aimed at correcting where others have failed. To make…

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New Year, New You

As a new year comes around, it is time for us all to assess how the last twelve months played out. Hopefully you were successful in the pursuit of your dreams and the next year brings new horizons for which you can aspire to reach. ‘New year, new me’ may be a little clichéd but…

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Tips for your Lips

Your lips are a delicate area of skin and therefore need special treatment. Although your lips are covered with skin much like everywhere else on your body, the skin is thinner. This and the close proximity of blood vessels are why lips are red in colour. The skin on your lips also differs from the…

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Begin to Love Your Skin

Your skin is an organ, it is the largest of all our organs making up roughly 16% of an average adult’s body mass. Covering the entirety of your body, your skin is a protective layer which shields you from pathogens and your surroundings. As good as your skin is at protecting you, it also needs…

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