Brow lamination has become a popular trend in the beauty industry, offering a solution for achieving the coveted fluffy brow look. If you’re curious about what brow lamination is and how it works, this article will provide you with all the essential information. So, let’s dive in!


Originating from Russia, brow lamination is a revolutionary beauty treatment that has gained immense popularity worldwide. It involves altering the structure of the brow hairs to create a new shape and make them easier to manipulate. By breaking down the keratin bonds within the hairs, the brows are lifted and brushed into position. A fixing cream is then applied to set the brows, resulting in a sleek, brushed-up appearance that lasts longer than traditional brow gel or soap. Brow lamination is an excellent alternative for those seeking fuller brows without committing to semi permanent makeup.



Here is a step-by-step breakdown of what to expect during your brow lamination treatment:

Consultation: Discuss your brow goals and desired results with your Browns & Co brow artist.

Step one: The brows are cleansed and brushed fixing any stubborn hairs into place.

Step two: The brow lift solution is applied to the brow which breaks down the bonds within the hairs, allowing for reshaping. The processing time varies based on hair type.

Step three: The brow lift solution is removed and the Brow Fix cream is applied to reform the bonds and set the brows in their new position.

Step four: Optional brow tinting can be done to enhance the results of brow lamination.

Step five: Any excess hair is removed and a Brow Nourishing serum is applied to hydrate and maintain the brows’ health while brushing them into the desired shape. You can choose a sleek and swept-over look or a super fluffy and brushed-up style.

The entire process typically takes around 45 minutes.



While brow lamination involves a chemical process, it is generally not painful. Some individuals with sensitive skin may experience a slight tingle during the treatment, but it should not be painful. If you do experience pain, it may be a sign of an allergic reaction, and you should tell your specialist immediately.


Due to the involvement of chemicals, it is strongly advised against attempting brow lamination at home. Improper application can lead to allergic reactions or over-processing, which can damage your brow hairs. Achieving the best results and ensuring your safety are reasons why an in-salon treatment is highly recommended.



The longevity of brow lamination can vary depending on individual hair growth and care. In ideal conditions, brow lamination can last up to 6 weeks. It is crucial to wait until the lift has completely dropped before scheduling your next appointment to avoid over-processing the hairs we recommend not before 6weeks.



Proper aftercare is essential to maintain the best results of brow lamination. Here are a few key tips:

Keep your brows dry for 48 hours after the treatment to allow the lift to set.

Wet your brows before brushing them into shape to help them maintain their position once dry.

Apply Brow Nourishing serum or castor oil daily to keep the brow hairs hydrated and healthy.

Condition your brows with regular hair conditioner a few times a week.

Following these aftercare practices will contribute to healthier and longer-lasting results.



Brow lamination is a game-changer for achieving fuller, fluffier brows. This innovative treatment offers a longer-lasting alternative to traditional brow gel or soap. By understanding the process, aftercare, and potential risks, you can make an informed decision about whether brow lamination is right for you. Remember, for the best and safest results, it’s always recommended to seek professional assistance. Embrace the power of brow lamination and enjoy your beautifully sculpted brows!

Fiona Brown

Co-Founder & Experience Director

A master brow trainer with global presence, Fiona is widely recognised for her contribution to the development of award-winning brow talent and salons around the world including London, Spain, Germany, Belgium,and France.

Upon moving to the UAE 2015, she introduced her signature fluffy-style Microblading technique to the region, which has made the go-to brow expert for celebrities, influencers and royals looking for exceptionally soft, natural-looking brows.

Fiona is regularly featured in leading publications across the UAE and the UK for being an authority within the international semi-permanent makeup and aesthetics industry.