Browns & Co Top 5 Christmas Gifts

Browns & Co 2022 Gift Guide

What to get your favourites this Christmas

It can always be a little tricky at this time of year to find the perfect gift for ‘that person’ who has everything. Well, we’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to! If you’re looking for the best gift to get your girlfriends, sister or the leading lady in your life, then you’ve come to the right place. Here you will find a carefully curated TOP 5 selection of our favourite gift ideas for that special woman this Christmas. Or perhaps that special someone is you?!

Happy Holidays, from Browns & Co x

1) Novelius Medical Hydro Collagen

Ok, this is one of Co-owner Chloe’s favourite products that she swears by so it had to make it to the ultimate Christmas list.

This product is clinically proven to benefit nearly every tissue in the body as well as joints, muscles, organs, the gut, blood vessels, intervertebral disks, eyes and more. The hydro collagen plays a major role in providing the body with structural integrity, elasticity, and physical resilience. It also helps heal wounds, various skin problems, and promotes healthy eyes.

Chloe loves it, and she hopes you do too!

AED: 295

Novelius Medical Hydra Collagen Christmas gift for women
Browns & Co Christmas Gift Guide #1 Hydro collagen

2) Dr Schrammek Green Peel Home Care Kit

This kit is one we always love as it supports your skin pre and post Greel Peel treatment and our Green Peel Facials is one of our favourites. The kit includes cute miniature products such as herbal care lotion, special regulating/care cream and blemish balm. This is enough to last you 2-3 days post your peel treatment and can be used again throughout your course of 3-4 Green Peels.
AED: 300

Dr Schrammek Green Peel Home Care Kit

3) Eyecicle® 001 Skincare London

This product had us amazed and feeling calm and refreshed all at the same time! Designed to be chilled and used around the eyes to improve ageing and damaged skin, it massages your skin for a youthful and smooth appearance. It also has the capacity to enhance blood circulation, encourage toxins drainage and boost oxygen and nutrients to the eye area.

To help combat those dark circles under eyes, wrinkles, puffiness and droopiness, leaving you fresh faced and festive ready, this product is a must-have.

AED: 795

Eyecicle® 001 Skincare London

4) M2 Beaute Brow Renewing Serum

We can’t give you a Christmas list without including a brow product! This eyebrow renewing serum by M2 Beaute helps to regenerate those overplucked or sparse brows. This serum is like a magic potion – within just 6-8 weeks, it produces new full brows! One of our Co-Founder Fiona’s top brow products, this product encourages natural hair growth by stimulating both the active and inactive hair roots in the eyebrows. It’s Fiona’s favourite for a reason – it works!

AED: 645

M2 Beaute Brow Renewing Serum

5) Browns & Co Gift Voucher

Of course this one had to be on our Christmas list- not just because we adore our clinics, or our staff; but because our treatments are pretty special too! Gift a Browns & Co experience to the women in your life – let them choose how they wish to curate their Browns and Co journey – we guarantee they will love you forever!

AED 100 +

Browns & Co Gift Voucher

We hope that’s given you a few ideas – contact us if you’d like more inspiration – we do have a few Christmas festive gift packs available in store too! Contact us to find out more.