Concrete to Casa, creating our space

In November 2020, Chloe and I viewed a villa in al Wasl Road in the heart of Jumierah. We knew in our hearts that we were standing in the new Browns & Co.

We’ve learned so much from opening our own space and executing this exciting project. It was a dream that became reality right from the conception of our ideas through to completion. It flowed because we were doing exactly what we were meant to be doing at the right time.

Don’t get me wrong we weren’t without bumps in the road. The project was pushed beyond the estimated completion date. We went way over budget but forever the optimists, stayed on the right course and as the Universe would have it, opened on the same day that Chloe gave birth to her second daughter. Hamdala!

Our design team deserve huge thanks. I thought I was a dab hand at interior design, until my husband cheekily reminded me about the mismatched furniture I’d ordered over the years! Deciding to work with a professional design team was one of the best decisions we made.

Birds of a feather flock together and choosing the right people when taking on a task like this was so important. We were lucky that our team dynamic really worked for us. Each of us had our strengths. Chloe and I were the visionaries with an uncanny knack of changing our minds, it’s a boss ladies’ prerogative after all! We were also fortunate to have our husbands heavily involved.

My husband Jason is a builder. He was project manager and oversaw the construction. Tom, Chloe’s husband, dealt with the business strategy side, he’s the numbers guy. They were very instrumental in pulling the project through smoothly to completion with no detail left out. It is so important to have a team you can turn to, who can help you with the process: whether that’s family, friends or just a really trustworthy employee. Having the right people on board is key to carrying out such project.

Oh and my final piece of advice for someone wanting to follow in our footsteps, you can never have too many plug sockets!

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