Opt for a solo lash tint to add an extra depth of colour to your lashes. No need to reach for the mascara with our custom blended lash tint for top and bottom lashes.


AED 75

Clients who already have a good curl to their lashes and would just prefer the tint. Clients who want to forgo applying mascara daily.

Treatment Duration

20 minutes.

Time Between Sessions

4 weeks.

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What is lash tinting?

Lash tinting is a treatment for the eyelashes that involves applying a semi-permanent dye to darken the lashes. It is a popular option for those who want to enhance the appearance of their lashes without using mascara.

How does lash tinting work?

During a lash tinting procedure, a specially formulated dye is carefully applied to the lashes. The dye is left on for a short period of time to allow it to penetrate the lashes and darken them. After the desired color is achieved, the dye is removed, leaving behind beautifully tinted lashes.

How long does lash tinting last?

The longevity of lash tinting can vary depending on individual factors such as hair growth cycle and aftercare. On average, lash tinting can last between 4 to 8 weeks. However, as your natural lashes shed and new ones grow, the tint will gradually fade.

Is lash tinting suitable for everyone?

Lash tinting is generally suitable for most people. However, it is not recommended for individuals with certain eye conditions or allergies. Consultation is always undertaken by your Browns & Co specialist before the tint is applied.

Is lash tinting painful?

Lash tinting is a painless procedure. The dye used for tinting is specifically formulated for use on the lashes and is safe and gentle. Some individuals may experience a slight tingling sensation during the tinting process, but it should not be uncomfortable.

How long does the lash tinting procedure take?

The lash tinting procedure typically takes around 20 to 30 minutes to complete. This includes the application of the dye and the waiting time for it to develop. It’s a relatively quick and convenient treatment that can be done during a lunch break.

Can I wear mascara after lash tinting?

After lash tinting, you can choose to wear mascara if desired. However, many people find that lash tinting provides enough color and definition to the lashes, eliminating the need for mascara.

Are there any special aftercare instructions for lash tinting?

After lash tinting, it’s important to avoid getting your lashes wet or exposing them to steam for the first 24 hours. This includes avoiding swimming, hot showers, and saunas. It’s also recommended to avoid rubbing or pulling on your lashes and to refrain from using oil-based eye makeup removers, as they can cause the tint to fade more quickly. With proper care, you can enjoy longer-lasting results.

Fiona Brown

Co-Founder & Experience Director

A master brow trainer with global presence, Fiona is widely recognised for her contribution to the development of award-winning brow talent and salons around the world including London, Spain, Germany, Belgium,and France.

Upon moving to the UAE 2015, she introduced her signature fluffy-style Microblading technique to the region, which has made the go-to brow expert for celebrities, influencers and royals looking for exceptionally soft, natural-looking brows.

Fiona is regularly featured in leading publications across the UAE and the UK for being an authority within the international semi-permanent makeup and aesthetics industry.