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Nanoblading vs Microblading – Why Bigger Isn’t Always Better

In the beauty industry, there are many techniques in which you gain ‘semi-permanent brows’.  You may have heard and be familiar with the term ‘Microblading’, however may question what the difference is between microblading and nanoblading eyebrows. At Browns & Co, we are passionate about dispelling the myths and sharing the truth as to what really is the difference between these two treatments.

Similar but Different

Ok, so they ARE very similar techniques, but they do have slight differences. At Browns & Co, we do use BOTH in some treatments, dependent on the individual client’s brow and brow goals.

The term Microblading was first used in the 1970s, however the process itself is age-old, with records of similar techniques used in Asia dating back thousands of years. In the last 25 years however, since the natural-looking fuller brows have gained popularity, the procedure has been refined further. 

Microblading eyebrows refers to the technique of using a handheld blade and colour pigments to create fine, semi-permanent natural- looking hair strokes on the skin. Mimicking real brow hairs, this technique allows our highly skilled and British- trained Cosmetic Makeup Artists to elegantly shape and fill clients’ brows to frame the face to perfection. 
Nanoblading, is essentially what you would expect with the term ‘nano’ – it is a smaller version than micro, and a smaller blade is used in this manual method.

Nanoblading- The New, Improved Microblading?

While microblading eyebrows uses ultrafine blades to create strokes that mimic a natural brow hair, nanoblading uses an even finer blade still, the size of the most slender human hairs (0.18-0.35mm). Nanoblading allows us even greater precision and accuracy than microblading, giving the most elegant finish for your brows and face. 

That’s not to say that microblading is a thing of the past though- a mix of widths of hairstrokes gives the most natural effect, mimicking the range of thickness of your own brow hairs. What’s more, for those clients with oilier skins or larger pores for whom nanoblading might be less suitable, microblading can achieve the same effects with the wider-spaced strokes allowing for any excess sebum.

Nano Brows Vs Nanoblading

Ok, so here’s where we get to dispel the myths! Nano brows IS NOT the same thing as nanoblading! The term ‘nano’ is still relevant with the Semi Permanent Makeup machine method for creating hairstrokes and shading, as there are smaller, finer ‘nano’ needles than others. However, nano brows refers to the machine method as opposed to the manual method of nanoblading.

Nano brows or ‘nanotechnology’  uses a semi-permanent make-up/cosmetic needle machine, which imparts closely spaced hairstrokes or pixels of pigment into the skin. This technique is ideal for shading and creating a perfectly even, flawless finish using a needle rather than a handheld blade. Using a machine means we can precisely deliver pigment to an optimal depth in the epidermis.

The Best of Both

Nowadays, we can  use a combination of nanoblading, microblading, and nanobrows/nanotechnology to design and create a bespoke brow for each client, exclusively designed to enhance their individual beauty. 

At Browns & Co we believe in using every tool at our disposal to create the best results for each and every client. For this reason, apart from the Infilled Brow which uses only nanoblading or microblading, our semi-permanent brow treatments use a combination of nanoblading, microblading, and/or nanotechnology. 

What are the benefits?

No longer will you need to spend time in the mornings filling in gaps or patchy brows with an eyebrow pencil, nor checking for makeup smudges later in the day. Delivering a pristine and natural-looking shape and colour, waterproof and with results lasting 12-24 months, both a microblading and nanoblading brow treatment is an excellent investment in your future beauty.

What steps do I need to take before a semi-permanent brow treatment?

Before the procedure certain preparations must be taken, such as avoiding peeling or strong exfoliating facials for two weeks and avoiding alcohol, caffeine, ibuprofen, aspirin, and fish oil for 24 hours before the treatment. It is important to not wax or tweeze your eyebrows for a week prior. 

On the day, you will be welcomed at your appointment by one of our UK-trained expert semi-permanent makeup artists, and put at ease while we work with you to map out the exact shape and colour you desire. Adjusting for symmetry and working with your face shape, our aesthetician will continue to tweak the design and shape until we have achieved your ideal brow. 

Once the design is finalised and mapped out onto the skin, we will apply topical numbing cream to your skin, ensuring the procedure is completely comfortable and as pain-free as possible. Your SPMU artist will use micro/nano fine hairstrokes to gradually build up and create your new, fuller, naturally immaculate brows. A retouch is required after four weeks to ensure the shape is to your liking and with proper maintenance and an occasional touch-up, your ideal brows can last for years. 

Now that you have a better idea on what is the difference between microblading and nanoblading eyebrows treatment, check our full range of brow services available at both our Dubai and Abu Dhabi locations. Contact a member of our dedicated team today to find out more about each process and to discuss which of our semi-permanent brows is right for you.

Brow Treatments Prices for Dubai & Abu Dhabi Clinics

The Wispy Brow – AED3500 (includes a retouch)

The Misted Brow – AED 3500 (includes a retouch)

The Blended Brow –  AED 3700 (includes a retouch)

The Infilled Brow – from AED 2500 (includes a retouch)

Nanoblading Eyebrows Before & After Picture

Microblading Eyebrows Before & After Picture