Working towards your brow goals, our experts offer eyebrow microblading, threading, tinting, waxing and much more…

The Wispy Brow

Our signature treatment – nanoblading at its finest. With this hairstroke-only technique we can help create your most natural looking brow style. Not suitable for every skin type. (Please note retouch is not included, if you need another session after 4 weeks this will be a cost of Aed 500)

AED 3,000

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The Misted Brow

A unique style of powder brow, we use a delicate fusion of layered pigment to build a fine mist of colour for that natural look. Suitable for all skin types, especially oily. (Please note retouch is not included, if you need another session after 4 weeks this will be a cost of Aed 500)

AED 3,000

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The Blended Brow

Say hello to beautiful brows with our go-to brow enhancement for long-lasting results. Suitable for every skin type, this ‘dual’ technique is a subtle blend of hairstrokes and soft powder to help create the most natural yet durable brow. (Please note retouch is not included, if you need another session after 4 weeks this will be a cost of Aed 500)

AED 3,000

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The Infilled Brow

Lush natural brows? Lucky you! We can help with any spots that need some extra love.

Starts from AED 2,000

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The Brow Corrector

Our effective treatment for brows gone bad. Using colour correction, we can neutralize existing undertones left behind from old tattoo. Package price; multiple sessions required.

AED 4,000

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The Beauty Spot

Faux Beauty Spot is a perfectly sultry addition to your already beautiful face. A single beauty spot is added with a special tool.

AED 550

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The Brow Neutraliser

Undesirable undertones within the brow?

Pinks, blues, greys are often the old colours which can be left on the skin from previous work. Using the opposite colour on the colour wheel, these unwanted colours are lifted and neutralised.

This level of work requires a great deal of artistic skill and our trained therapists are experts in just this. Removal by laser or liquid is not the only answer with a skilled colour correction session at Browns & Co. AED 2000 per session

AED 2,000 (one session)

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Eyebrow Care

It’s no secret that we know our way round a brow. Browns & Co.’s experts will sit down with you before your treatments to ensure that we are working towards your own brow goals. Each treatment is finished with our signature aroma oil, which will soothe the skin, reduce redness and leave you feeling relaxed and revitalised.

Eyebrow Tinting

Make those brows pop! A select semi-permanent dye is applied to enhance, shape, and define the brows.

AED 75

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Studio Brows

Browns & Co.’s bespoke eyebrow treatment that is totally tailored to you. Going above and beyond the standard tint and wax, our expertly trained stylists combine our unique design formula with custom-blended colour, hair removal and makeup application to give you your best brows. Packages available.

AED 200

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Hot Wax

Wax on, wax off. Our flavoured hot wax is quick, gentle and long-lasting method of defining the shape of your brows. Browns & Co.’s Brow Experts will work to ensure that your brows are symmetrical, defined and enhanced.

AED 110

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Brow Threading

Our most environmentally friendly and fuss-free option, organic thread is used to quickly and effectively remove hair at the follicle level. Regrowth takes several weeks, and unwanted brow hair becomes weaker and lighter with multiple treatments.

AED 110

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