Lush eyelashes…the Browns & Co. way. We believe that lashes should be an extension of your natural beauty and our signature “Nude Lashes” are designed with that in mind.

Nude Lashes

Effortlesly enhance your best features with our signature lash enhancement. Using the finest lashes, we gently build length and volume one by one to create amazing results. (Our version of Classic Lashes)

AED 575

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Naked Lashes

The proud owner of thick lashes? Add that extra dose of glamour with a half set on the outer lashes.

AED 380

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Wispy Lashes

For a subtle yet full and thick look, our experts attach a mixture of classic and handmade fans of 3 or more of our lightest extensions. The perfect upgrade to your natural lashes. (This is our version of Hybrid lashes)

AED 550

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Volume Lashes

Our fusion application where we attach a beautiful handmade fan of 2-3 lashes to one of your natural eyelashes. The result? Beautiful fullness and texture.

AED 625

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Refills + Extras

To keep your lashes fresh and your morning routine to a minimum, we recommend coming in for refills every 3-4 weeks.

Eligibility criteria: you must have more than 50% or more of your lash extensions, no more than 45 days since your last visit. Lash extensions must be in good condition with no traces of mascara.

Nude Lash Refill

from AED 350

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Wispy Lash Refill

From AED 335

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Volume Lash Refill

From AED 335

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Lash Removal

Removal of lash extensions with a keratin infused serum applied after removal. AED 85

(Please note this is free of charge if you are booking a new set of lashes after removal.)

AED 85

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Lower Lashes

Top lashes looking fabulous? Don’t forget about those loveable lower lashes. Yes, it’s a thing…we offer extensions to complete your look. AED 200

AED 200

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Lash Lift

Designed with lash health in mind, this Keratin-infused lash lift with a difference lifts and curls your natural lashes, giving the illusion of fuller and thicker lashes for an instant eye boost. Results last up to 8 weeks. Tint included. 

AED 350

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