Stress is everywhere in our modern world and keeping it from overwhelming us can feel like a daily struggle. The benefits of relaxation, both physical and mental can make the struggle worth the effort.

The following are a few of benefits of relaxation and some tips to help you stay stress-free.

  • Slowing your heart rate – a slower heart rate is a sign of a healthier heart, as it means your heart isn’t having to work too hard to pump blood around your body. An increased heart rate caused by stress can trigger much more serious issues.
  • Lowering your blood pressure – lower blood pressure gives you a lower risk of suffering things like anxiety attacks.
  • Slowing your breathing rate – this helps to expand your lungs and help them work more efficiently.
  • Improving digestion – when people are stressed, their digestive system is naturally suppressed to allow the body to better manage its situation and resources. When people relax, this is lifted again, allowing for regular digestion to occur.
  • Controlling blood sugar – stress causes several physiological reactions within the body, such as falling insulin levels and a release of glucose, both of which can cause blood sugar levels to fluctuate and you to feel unwell.
  • Increasing blood flow – blood flow carries oxygen around your body and to all your vital organs. Increasing your blood flow brings extra oxygen to every area, leaving your skin looking healthier and younger
  • Clarity – Stress can trigger your brain to release hormones which have a huge effect on your responses to any given situation, meaning that people under stress quite literally think differently. Reducing your stress levels can allow you to think more clearly and have more reasonable responses.
  • Sleep – frequently heightened stress levels can severely affect our ability to sleep by delaying the onset of sleep and by disturbing our sleep pattern with rapid, anxious thoughts.
  • Reducing other symptoms – If you suffer from things like depression and anxiety, this can become a real circle of dread. Lack of sleep exacerbates depression, which raises our stress levels and makes it even less likely that we will sleep decently and feel more anxious. Taking away any unnecessary stress can relieve this pattern.
  • Make time and space for it – “I have no time to relax!” is a common refrain, so we highly recommend blocking 2 hours of your schedule at least twice a week for relaxation. At Browns & Co. we have created a sensorial and holistic retreat for you to unwind and shed the week’s woes.
  • Relaxing activities – our award-winning, immersive beauty therapies, delivered by sought-after artists, in serene surroundings are curated with relaxation in mind.
  • Routines – routines for morning and bedtime can really remove a lot of the stress from those times, especially if you have children to prepare at those times of the day.

Take some time for yourself without feeling guilty. When you emerge stress-free and ready for anything, the sun will seem brighter, your footsteps lighter and your beauty, radiating.

Fiona Brown

Co-Founder & Experience Director

A master brow trainer with global presence, Fiona is widely recognised for her contribution to the development of award-winning brow talent and salons around the world including London, Spain, Germany, Belgium,and France.

Upon moving to the UAE 2015, she introduced her signature fluffy-style Microblading technique to the region, which has made the go-to brow expert for celebrities, influencers and royals looking for exceptionally soft, natural-looking brows.

Fiona is regularly featured in leading publications across the UAE and the UK for being an authority within the international semi-permanent makeup and aesthetics industry.