our lips are a delicate area of skin and therefore need special treatment. Although your lips are covered with skin like everywhere else on your body, the skin is thinner. This and the close proximity of blood vessels are why lips are red in colour.

The skin on your lips also differs from the rest of your body as it lacks sebaceous glands. These glands are what produce hair follicles, they also deliver moisture to the skin with the body’s natural oils.

Due to an inability to produce moisture, the lips must find other ways to keep from drying out. Licking your lips is usually the go-to, although this can lead to problems, particularly in cold or hot climates. Repeatedly licking your lips leads to excessive dryness, it can also lead to yeast build-up which can cause other issues such as angular cheilitis.

So, what is the solution for keeping your lips in good health?


To keep your lips soft and good-looking, a consistent routine of moisturising should be adhered to. Moisturising needs to be part of your daily routine. This will keep your lips hydrated, reduce the need to lick them, and stop them from drying and cracking.

You should apply a moisturiser liberally every morning to your lips, paying particular attention to the corners. Lip balm is perfect for the job and reapplying 2-3 times a day is perfectly fine.

If you live in a hotter climate, use a hydrating balm with an SPF of 30+. If your lip balm does not offer any sun protection, consider applying some sunscreen after moisturising.


In addition to a daily routine of moisturising, you should look to exfoliate the skin on your lips at least once a week.

Using an exfoliating scrub, work it into your lips for around thirty seconds, leave for ten minutes, then rinse with warm water and pat dry. Once you have finished, you can apply some balm.


To enhance the look of your luscious lips, Browns & Co has various lips treatments available for perfectly presenting your pucker.

The Enhanced Lip – is a shape correction therapy aimed at finding your lip’s natural symmetry and defining it. This treatment leaves lips looking fuller, brighter and naturally beautiful.

The Neutralised Lip – aims to balance the colour of your lips. This helps correct hyperpigmentation or lips that are melanin-rich, leaving them with a more natural and even tone.

The Blushed Lip – a watercolour technique that layers a light mist that creates exciting, defining and wet look colours, enhancing the lip’s shape and beauty.

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Fiona Brown

Co-Founder & Experience Director

A master brow trainer with global presence, Fiona is widely recognised for her contribution to the development of award-winning brow talent and salons around the world including London, Spain, Germany, Belgium,and France.

Upon moving to the UAE 2015, she introduced her signature fluffy-style Microblading technique to the region, which has made the go-to brow expert for celebrities, influencers and royals looking for exceptionally soft, natural-looking brows.

Fiona is regularly featured in leading publications across the UAE and the UK for being an authority within the international semi-permanent makeup and aesthetics industry.